Come to DS Auto Repairs for MOT’s test in Wakefield. Our qualified technicians are always ready to render their quality service. We rectify the problem, that too in a cost effective way. Our reliable technician ensure you high standard work at reasonable cost.

Clutch Repairs

It is very important to repair the clutch to avoid damage and to increase its functioning life. DS Auto Repairs also repairs Clutches in Wakefield. The clutch needs to be removed in case of a burning smell or slipping gears. Sticking clutch build up pressure and may lead to a hydraulic leak. Trust our skilled workers for clutch repairs in Wakefield.

Brake Repairs

Our technician repairs brake in Wakefield. Bad brakes need to be replaced or repair immediately or it will lead to serious consequences. Brakes need to be inspected if not working properly or producing abnormal noise.


Everybody wants a car that runs smooth and efficiently. For this, regular servicing of car is essential. We provide efficient car servicing in Wakefield. Car servicing reduces the risk of accidents and runs hassle free.

None Starters

Starter helps in rotating the internal combustion of the engine. This non-starter also needs repair just like the other parts of the car. DS Auto Repairs Non-Starters in Wakefield, you can expect to pay around £80 to over £1100. Feel free to contact us!


Generally, you should replace car batteries after every 3 years. Dim headlights, clicking sound while turning the keys, slow crank and backfiring are all the signs that the car’s battery is falling. Our reliable and skilled workers replace car Batteries in Wakefield. We aim at offering the best service at an affordable price.